Watch the video for the PS4 Pro ‘Game of the Year’

Now Playing: What’s in store for the next Xbox?

Now Playing, a new look at the Xbox One X, new video game consoles, and more Now Playing – The new ‘Empire’ video game coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Plus, and Xbox One S Now Playing’ The most memorable and exciting news from CES 2018 so far Now Playing ‘Easter Egg’ of the CES 2018 show: What it’s like to play a game on the new ‘Project Scorpio’ Now Playing Sony unveils new ‘Sonic’ motion controller, PlayStation’s new ‘next-gen’ controller, and a new ‘Sony Music’ app Now Playing What’s next for ‘Project Titan’ in 2018?

Now Watch: Sony’s new movie ‘Project Zombieland’ gets the go-ahead for release on Netflix Now Playing The new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer is here, and the trailer for ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’ is here Now Playing New ‘Star Trek’ TV series premieres on NBC and Hulu Now Playing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the Xbox and Xbox Play Anywhere program Now Playing Is the ‘Battlefield’ remake a sequel to ‘The Battle of Endor’?

Now Playing Here’s what to expect from CES 2019 Now Playing A new Xbox and new ‘Battlebox’ gaming consoles are being released for $200,000 Now Playing This is the best video game of the year, but is it the best game of all time?

Now More: ‘Game Of The Year’ 2018 Now Playing Xbox One ‘Project Zen’ has a release date, but it’s not a game Now Playing Why are we still obsessed with ‘Starcraft’?

Now That Microsoft is finally releasing ‘Project Skyline’, are we ready for ‘Skyforge’?

Now More TV shows will have a new series, and we’re not ready yet to know what they’re about Now Playing Apple finally announces its ‘special edition’ iPhones, but what about its new ‘iMac’ Mac Pro?

Now That Apple is officially releasing its ‘iPad Pro’, we’ve got a look at what to look for Now Playing Meet the ‘Super Mario Run’ and ‘Super Meat Boy’ games for PS4 Now Playing Disney’s ‘Star-Lord’ is coming to the Apple TV Now Playing “Dancing With The Stars” is back with a new season, and it’s a lot more exciting than ever Now Playing Google’s ‘Bots on Wheels’ is back, and you don’t want to miss out Now Playing Tech giants unveil a new gaming platform Now Playing Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros.’ is back for a sixth season, but are you ready to try it?

Now It’s finally time for a new year of CES Now Playing Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft announce ‘Project Rez,’ a new live TV service to stream live TV from Apple TV and PlayStation Now Playing Amazon and Microsoft have announced a ‘new’ live TV streaming service, Project Rez, for 2017 Now Playing Samsung is coming out with a brand new ‘Smart TV’ with 4K streaming, HDR and 4K HDR video Now Playing Facebook is launching ‘Project Tango,’ a ‘Smart’ 4K TV for 2017 and beyond Now Playing An updated look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and iPhone XS Now Playing How to get the latest Apple news and rumors from the company’s official Twitter account Now Playing Who is Apple’s ‘Project Fox’ and how will it change how you use Apple products?

Now Play Amazon has announced that it will be introducing a new streaming service this fall, ‘Project Fi,’ that will let people stream the entirety of Amazon Prime Now Playing Can ‘Supergirl’ be a Netflix original?

Now, Apple and Amazon are working on ‘Project Zero,’ a show that will tell the story of ‘Superboy,’ a young Kryptonian boy who can control time and space by telekinetically levitating himself into the future Now Playing Tesla has announced a new supercharger network, and this is the first time we’ve seen a Tesla-powered vehicle on the road Now Playing Watch the first trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery” Now Playing You can now stream the latest ‘Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ trailer for free with the ‘Free To Watch’ app now available on Apple TVNow Playing ‘Starring James Spader in ‘Game Night’ on Netflix’ Now Featuring the latest trailer for Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” and a look back at the 2017 film Now Playing Nike’s ‘Dudley’ kicks off the Nike+ Tour 2019 Now Featuring ‘Starman’ and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” in the “Disney Infinity” movie Now Featuring “A Very Merry Christmas” is the fifth annual ‘Christmas Movie Night’ at the Mandalay Bay Resort and CasinoNow Featuring ‘Game Awards’ in the MGM Grand Garden ArenaNow Featuring “Game of Thrones” and ‘A

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