Evga unveils ‘superb’ Power Supply, with an extra 300W of output for your PC – and no BS

With the arrival of the EVGA SuperBolt, we’ve already seen how the Power Supply can be configured to be used as a PSU or as a high performance graphics card in a number of scenarios, and now it’s time to show you what a truly high performance power supply can look like with an upgrade to the Evga SuperBolts performance output.

This EVGA Power Supply has an extra 3000W of power output and is capable of producing more than twice the peak theoretical power output of a regular Power Supply.

We’ve also got a quick video showing how to configure your EVGA PSU to run on a dual GPU setup.

The SuperBolas performance output can be found by looking at the graph below, which shows the power output at the input voltages of 1,000V and 5V.

As you can see, the Power supply has a total output of over 3,000W, which is a very impressive output.

If you’re going to be gaming or overclocking your system, you’ll definitely want to use a SuperBolan.

The power supply is a dual-fan unit that is designed to work as both a high-performance power supply and an efficient heat sink for your GPU.

The fans can be controlled independently by adjusting the fan speed, and there’s also an on-board monitoring and control module.

The SuperBola Power Supply is a truly amazing addition to any system, and is a great upgrade to any EVGA product.

The EVGA logo is shown in this example image.

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