How to buy a $150 tattoo power supply for $150

Posted October 13, 2018 07:01:49The $150 Tattoo Power Supply (PTPS) is the latest tattoo power supplies to hit the market.

The company is hoping the PTPS will be able to give tattoo artists a better chance of finding a quality tattoo pen, especially for the cost of the pen.

“We have been hearing from tattoo artists for some time that the PT-PS will provide better tattoo quality and longevity,” said CEO, Chris Dufault.

“This is especially true for the long-term tattoo, since you’re going to need to ink your ink all over again, and the tattoo ink you choose will likely be much different from the ink you had last time.”

So, if you’re looking for a tattoo pen that is easy to use and allows you to use ink for your tattoo without damaging it, then the PT PS is for you.

“The PTPS has three main parts, but there are also other accessories like a battery, a USB charging cable and an Ethernet cable that you can connect to your computer or tablet.

The PT-ps features a built-in LED light that can be turned on and off, and it comes with a power adapter that you’ll need to plug into the PT PSU.

The PTPS can also be used to power a tattoo printer.

The $140 PTPS is available now from

The PT PS comes with two ports that allow you to connect your tattoo pen to the PTP.

One is the USB port, and there’s also a power port that can charge your tattooing ink and your computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

The other is the Ethernet port.

The website says the PT P is a great ink supply for tattoo artists, especially if you have a tattooing machine that is not an external power supply.”

The PT P allows you not only to power your tattoo machine but also allows you also to use the PT machine as a USB power source,” the website says.”

You can use the pen as an external USB charger, or it can also power a computer and/ or tablet via USB power.””

The USB port allows you connect your ink machine to the tattoo machine, so you can use your ink to draw on the tattoo, as well as your tattooer’s ink.

“And, because of the PT, you can have the PT run as a separate computer and as a standalone printer.”

The site has more information on how to get the PTPT, and if you need help finding one, you should visit the website.

You can also check out the PTPs specs on the company’s website, and we’d like to take a moment to thank the tattoopens for getting us this info.

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