Microsoft’s $5 billion deal with Panasonic cuts into Samsung’s share of the market, but could leave LG as dominant player

Microsoft has agreed to sell its chips manufacturing unit to the Chinese manufacturer in a $5bn deal that will cut into Samsung Electronics’ share of global market share.

Microsoft has also announced a new partnership with Panasonic, the world’s second-largest maker of LCD and plasma displays, which will see the company share its manufacturing technology with the Taiwanese company.

The deal will reduce Samsung’s market share by a quarter to 14.9 per cent, while Apple and LG’s share will fall by 2.1 per cent each, according to data compiled by The Information, which tracks global smartphone shipments.

The company will also get a boost from Panasonic’s $15bn sale of its mobile TV unit to Foxconn, which is one of the worlds biggest suppliers of LCD panels.

Samsung’s shares, meanwhile, are down about 10 per cent in recent days following reports that Apple and Sony are considering a similar deal.

The two companies were also expected to announce a joint venture that would produce high-end OLED panels for smartphones, TVs and monitors. 

According to the data, which includes some of the biggest markets such as China, India, Europe, Japan and South Korea, Samsung has a market share of 22.1% of global smartphone sales in 2018.

Apple, meanwhile has a share of 16.6% of the global smartphone market, while Sony has a 14.1%.

In the US, Apple has a 25.6 per cent share, while Samsung has just under 9.7 per cent.

Apple and Samsung share similar technology.

Samsung also has a huge share of OLED and LCD manufacturing equipment, while LG has a big share of plasma display production equipment.

The data is based on data from SensorTek, which has a global market cap of $18.3bn, according the data. 

The data was compiled using market data from The Information’s Market Intelligence service. 

It shows that Apple has the most share of smartphones with a market cap around $9bn, followed by Samsung with a share around $6.6bn.

Sony has around $3bn and Apple has around a quarter of a billion, the data shows.

Apple is the second-biggest market in the world, while Microsoft has a very small market share, according the data.

Apple has had a big year for smartphones and the data is interesting for the first time, given the company’s decision to enter the smartphone market with the iPhone. 

In October, Apple released its first iPhone, which was a huge hit for the company.

Apple was able to turn out a lot of phones that were cheaper than its competitors, which in turn helped Apple to turn a profit and earn a lot more money from its phones than other phone makers.

The iPhone’s success was a big factor in the Apple board’s decision not to renew the company that produced the iPhone in 2018, according an investor letter seen by Reuters. 

Apple is now trying to turn the iPhone into a mainstream product, and in doing so is also going after Samsung, which it considers a rival.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been trying to stay relevant and to keep its share of smartphone market share at around 7% to 8%. 

However, the new partnership is expected to help Apple.

Apple’s iPhone is still selling well, but Samsung is going to have to sell a lot fewer iPhones to get back to where it was in 2018 if it wants to keep selling smartphones.

Samsung is currently the third-largest smartphone vendor in the US.

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